100 Hot Cigar Ladies Selfie Photo

stick sucking cigar lady


Cigar smoking begins with a ritual that involves cutting, toasting and lighting. Here are some instructions that will help you look like a true cigar aficionado.

First, using your cigar cutter of choice (although we prefer the guillotine), make a deft cut or opening at the head of the cigar – the closed end, aka the part you will be putting between your lips.

Do this above or at the seam that you will see at the shoulder, or sloped part of the head. When cutting a cigar, if you cut too far down into the cigar, below the seam, the entire cigar could unravel so be careful where you make your cut.

Next, before you light it, put the cigar to your lips and draw through it. It should draw smoothly. If not, it is too tightly rolled (in which case you should get a new cigar, because things won’t get better) or try making a slightly larger cut to admit more air. But again, don’t cut too far down because you don’t want the wrapper to come off.

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