Top 10 Cigar Smoking Tricks To Impress Your Friends – Top 100 Women Teacher Show You

naked girl smoke cigar

Smoke Like a Pro

To recap, here are a few simple tips on how to smoke like a pro.

Don’t cut too far into the cap of the cigar. That will cause the wrapper, the outermost leaf, to unravel.

Don’t use cardboard matches. They’re tainted with chemicals and can ruin the cigar. Instead, use a torch or butane lighter.

One of the best tips is to occasionally blow the smoke over the ash of the cigar and inspect the ash. That shows you know to look for an even burn.

Again, don’t try to knock off the ash. Let it fall on its own. A long ash is a sign of a quality cigar, so show it off.

Always remove the cellophane before smelling a cigar because with the cello on, you won’t smell the true essence of the cigar. Instead, you’ll pick up other scents, like cedar or wood notes from the box.

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