Frank Dileo smoking cigar – He was Michael Jackson’s personal manager (70 photos)


1989 – Stepping out….Dileo ushers Jackson through Heathrow.
Burly, hard talking, cigar chomping Mr Frank Dileo steamrollered his way into town yesterday.
Mr Dileo an admirer of gangster Al Capone and a film directors dream of a boxing manager brought with him his wonder boy.
The carefully packaged hype of Michael Jackson’s British tour had begun. Dileo, 5ft 6in and nearly 16 st controls every move of the superstar makes. And at Heathrwo airport he was controlling quite a few Press men too pushing them out of the way so that his boy could wave to the failthful unmolestered.

Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ Los Angeles premiere at the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Pictured: Frank Dileo


Jazz composer Quincy Jones (left) with Michael Jackson’s manager Frank DiLeo, August 1988.
Roger Enrico (Pepsi Cola Chairman) and Frank DiLeo (Michael Jackson’s manager)
Frank DiLeo attends 32nd Annual Grammy Awards on February 21, 1990 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Quincy Jones et le producteur Frank DiLeo à Paris le 22 mai 1988, France.
Michael Jackson arrives at Athol Wharf for his private Zoo visit with his entourage. L to R Bill Bray, Chief of Security, David Head, Pepsi’s Australian general manager, Frank Dileo, Jackson’s manager, Michael Jackson, Rob Henry, Australian tour assistant, Chuck “Chuckie” Wright, security guard. November 16, 1987.

Michael Jackson and Manager Frank Dileo (cigars) arrive at Heathrow.

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