100 Almost Amateurs – Frauen mit weniger Anfängen rauchen Zigarre

How To Smoke A Cigar Without Looking Like A Total Amateur


Young brunette cowgirl relaxing on a blanket laid on some straw and smoking a cigar
young happy woman dressing in men’s clothes holding a cigar, studio shot
A sensual woman is smoking a cigar next to an ancient piece of furniture
sensual woman with shiny hat smoking a cigar
Fumar hoje pode não ser politicamente correto, mas não se pode negar que um mulher bonita e sensual atrai muito a atenção quando ela fuma um charuto de forma sexy.




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  1. Hi,
    I am Victoria Radugina ( http://www.victoriasenses.com ) and I just found my photo at your pages. On this page, being exact: http://cigarmonkeys.com/2020/03/17/almost-amateurs-frauen-mit-weniger-anfangen-rauchen-zigarre/
    as number 21.
    This picture was stolen years ago, and probably you thought that it is just some model. But I am not “some model”, I am a professional in cigars. So I would like to ask you at least to put my name under my photo. Or you could even move it to another, professional page (you have something like “Ladies and cigars”).
    Best regards

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